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We are working diligently behind the scenes on our NEW West Lethbridge Weather Website!  A New look for 2016!

Whoop-Up Drive LIVE video streaming 24/7 
Right here! 

You can view on Smartphones, Tablets and More too!

An amazing view of the east-west interchange here in Lethbridge AB.

WestLethbridgeWeather.com WhoopUp Drive Camera

Did You Know: 1 cm of snow is equivalent to about 1 mm of water once the snow is melted.  That means in many snowfall situations (on days when only snow fell), you can simply change the units from cm to mm to get a reasonable idea of how much snow fell. 

Did You Know: During the flood of June 21, 2013 - our traffic camera had 83,601 views in just one single day.  At 90 seconds per view - that is over 2090 hours viewed - just one single day or 28,586 visits according to Google Analytics.   This just proves the value and interest in the Whoop-Up Drive Traffic camera!  We're looking for partners to help keep the live feed going! Give us a call 403-381-7080 or drop us an email http://westlethbridgeweather.com/Contact-Us.html

Did You Know: Spring will be here in




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