Lightning Strike Map

NEW! Lightning Strike Detector located in West Lethbridge.

We are testing the Boltek Long Range Lightning Detection System that was recently installed here at our West Lethbridge Weather station!

This system detects the low frequency radio signals produced by lightning’s electrical discharge. This signal is the crackling you hear on an AM radio when thunderstorms are nearby. These signals travel for hundreds of miles and are detected by StormTracker’s antenna.  The range of this detector is over 500 KM radius.  For more info on the Boltek System please see their FAQ

So far what is displayed is a still image uploaded every 2 minutes with the latest strike info, but by lightning season there will be much more to see!  Stay Tuned!

There is a joint effort between 7 Personal Weather Station operators to become part of  Microsferics Real Time North America Weather  where you can see the collective strike info by areas and zoom in accordingly.  The more the stations within range of each other, the more accurate the details.  More details to follow!


West Lethbridge Weather Lightning Strike Map

West Lethbridge Weather Lightning Strike Map