Lethbridge Airport

Below is information about the Lethbridge Airport. Weather data from other stations such as Environment Canada’s is collected from the airport.  Our own station is located in town on the west side of Lethbridge, so due to differences in surroundings (buildings and houses, trees, coulees, etc.) you may notice discrepancies between our forecast and others.

The Lethbridge International Air Show is held at the airport every other year, and for the past several years Gary has volunteered as a communications officer.  The airport is an integral part of the community and the area, so take a peek and learn more!

Aviation and
Flight Services for
Lethbridge AB
Lethbridge Airport
417 Stubb Ross Road, Suite 219
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 7N3
Telephone: (403)329-4466
Fax: (403)329-8736
Airport Manager: Scott Butchart
Air Canada Reservations
In Canada or U.S.:
1-888-247-2262 (toll free)
1-888-689-2247 (lost luggage)aircanada_logo01
Integra Air (Edmonton, Fort McMurray via Edmonton)
Customer service and reservation call centre is open:
Monday to Friday from 5:30 am to 4:30 pm
Local calls in Lethbridge: (403) 381-UFLY (8359)
Toll free calls in Canada: 1-877-213-8359
Fax line: (403) 320-9993integraair_logo01

Lethbridge Airport Layout

Map showing the layout of the Lethbridge airport

Lethbridge Airport Location

Map showing the location of the Lethbridge airport

Here is an Aerodrome view of Lethbridge, provided by Sky Vector

Aerial map of Lethbridge from Sky Vector

Lethbridge Aviation Radio Frequencies

Lethbridge Airport – (CYQL)

 Frequency      Service                                            Transmitter Location

 121.000        Lethbridge Radio                                   Lethbridge, Alberta
 123.475        Edmonton FIC                                       Lethbridge, Alberta
 126.700        Edmonton FIC                                       Lethbridge, Alberta
 124.400        ATIS                                               Lethbridge, Alberta
 132.750        Edmonton Centre PAL                                Lethbridge, Alberta