Storm Chasers

Across North America, there are people who go looking for tornadoes and major storms.  They may seem crazy, but they are into this dangerous job in order to provide important scientific research and improve our understanding of tornadoes, lightning, and other deadly weather phenomena in order to keep us safer in the future.  These are the Tornado Hunters, and we feature a few of them here to show the importance of their work… and because what they do is very cool! But cool or not, remember, these are trained professional scientists that know the risks and know how to best avoid them so… ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF!!!

Tornado Hunters – Greg Johnson with Flash

Tornado Hunters is a 3 man and 1 truck team of storm chasers, featured on their own TV show airing on CMT. From Regina, SK, Greg Johnson leads the team and has extensive experience storm chasing, with several hundred storms under his belt.  Protected by their truck Flash, the Tornado Hunters travel the world chasing down storms. They have some awesome videos and information on their website, so check it out here!

Storm Hunters – Mark Robinson

Mark has been documenting and investigating severe weather throughout North America for almost 10 years. Currently completing a degree in meterology at the York University, Mark is a frequent contributor and guest on The Weather Network, the Toronto Star, CBC Radio and CityTV news.

Angry Planet- George Kourounis

George Kourounis is a storm chaser and global adventurer based in Toronto, ON. He has travelled the world chasing everything from tornadoes and hurricanes, to forest fires and volcanoes. His TV show, Angry Planet, airs on The Weather Network in Canada and Pivot TV in the U.S. With over 15 years of storm chasing, George has definitely had some wild adventures. Check out his website here for a stunning gallery and plenty of great stories!

Tornado Chaser – Reed Timmer

Reed Timmer has been chasing storms half his life.  Along with his wife, Maria, and his truck the Dominator, Reed chases tornadoes and other storms across North America. He was featured on Discovery Channel’s show, Storm Chasers from 2007-2011 when the show was taken off the air.  You can catch him now on his show Tornado Hunter, hosted on TVN Network (paid subscription is required to watch).