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Whoop-Up Drive LIVE video streaming 24/7 
Right here! 

You can even watch from your iPhone, your iPad, Android tablet and more.

An amazing view of the east-west interchange here in Lethbridge AB.

WestLethbridgeWeather.com WhoopUp Drive Camera

Did You Know: No Drilling in Lethbridge is a small volunteer group of Lethbridge residents working to protect the health and safety of the people in Lethbridge, by being opposed to oil drilling and fracking within OUR city limits. We believe that the risks for Lethbridge greatly outweigh the benefit of acquiring the natural resource. We are not opposed to oil and gas exploration, generally. We are concerned about the negative impacts on OUR city and its residents if oil and gas drilling is allowed inside OUR city limits.  You can contact info@nodrillinglethbridge.ca with any questions or concerns.  For more info see No Drilling Lethbridge 

Did You Know: 1 cm of snow is equivalent to about 1 mm of water once the snow is melted.  That means in many snowfall situations (on days when only snow fell), you can simply change the units from cm to mm to get a reasonable idea of how much snow fell. 

Did You Know: During the flood of June 21, 2013 - our traffic camera had 83,601 views in just one single day.  At 90 seconds per view - that is over 2090 hours viewed - just one single day or 28,586 visits according to Google Analytics.   This just proves the value and interest in the Whoop-Up Drive Traffic camera!  We're looking for partners to help keep the live feed going! Give us a call 403-381-7080 or drop us an email http://westlethbridgeweather.com/Contact-Us.html

Did You Know: Our Blog has all kinds of interesting information, weather, view points, stories, Gary's Rant, HAM radio, photography, About our site and more!  You might find it entertaining!   :)

Did You Know: Summer will be here in:





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